The Climb

A 6 month self-care & recovery program

What Got You Here...Won’t Get You There

Self care is how you take your power back! When you fill up your cup, and truly love yourself…your capacity to take care of everything important around you increases.

The Climb

 The Climb provides a holistic approach to addiction recovery.  Tailored programs aim to give you long-term skills along your recovery journey.

Are you ready for The Climb?

If you can answer ‘Yes’ to any of the following questions, it is time to start The Climb!

  1. Am I addicted to drugs, alcohol, food, shopping, social media, gaming, or any other substance or ‘thing’ that has control over my life?
  2. Do I struggle with anxiety, depression, or other physical, emotional, or mental symptoms caused by stress?
  3. Am I ready to commit to change?

Our Program

The Climb is a 6-month recovery program. Whether it’s an addiction to alcohol, cell phone use, the news, food, sex, drugs, porn, cigarettes, or vaping, The Climb helps the person deal with the triggers and “why” behind these behaviors. Almost everyone has something dark they are dealing with and mostly coping with unhealthy behaviors to help soothe the stress in their life. 

Our goal is to help YOU find tools that suit your life and to practice taking care of yourself!


Curated recovery programs can feature:

Addiction Coaching
Life Coaching
Nutrition Coaching
Vitamins and Supplements 
Recovery Coursebook
Mindfulness Practices

Float Therapy
Massage Therapy
Physical Therapy 
Energy Therapy

Start your recovery today!

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